DKK2,995.00 + VAT

DKK 2,995.00 + VAT

Permanently mounted complete insurance solution at Denmark’s cheapest price. The tracker is approved for cars, motorhomes, motorcycles, boats, and machinery.

Our Insurance approved GPS-tracker:

  • Is connected around the clock to an alarm central (approved by the national danish police).
  • Has a SIM card covering the entire EU
  • Provides access to see / monitor the car 24/7
  • Can connect to both fleet management and mileage log.
  • Can be mounted discreetly in all cars and vehicles with their own power supply (12V).
  • Can be used for both private and business.
  • Can document breaks, speed, and location.
  • Can be used for reporting mileage deductions.


Denmark’s cheapest insurance-approved tracker

TrackMe TM21 is a fixed-mounted GPS tracker approved by all Danish insurance companies. The tracker meets all current requirements in the field and is registered with Forsikring & Pension. The tracker is approved for cars, motorhomes, motorcycles, boats, and machinery.

With this GPS tracker, you have the opportunity to monitor your car around the clock using TrackMe’s online tracking panel, accessible via computer and mobile. You get access to most of the features that our other trackers have – however, the current rules from insurance companies prevent TrackMe from providing a few programming and alarm functions.

There is also access to registering your trips in TrackMe’s electronic driving record, if you have the Insurance Plus Subscription. The first year of plus subscription is included. If you do not want to use the driving log and other advanced features, you can freely downgrade to an even cheaper solution afterwards.

The country’s best complete solution

Whether it’s your insurance or leasing company that requires your car to be installed with a GPS tracking device, TrackMe guarantees that TM21 is the best complete solution on the market. The price includes everything – including installation and the first year’s subscription.

TrackMe takes care of everything

Once we have received your order, there is nothing more you need to do. TrackMe’s mechanics will contact you within 24 hours to arrange a time and place for the installation of the tracker in your car. We come to your home or workplace and install it when it suits you. Expect the installation of the tracker to take about one hour.

The package includes:

→ TrackMe GPS-TM21 tracking device
→ SIM card with coverage throughout the EU
→ Subscription for the entire first year
→ Connection from GPS to alarm central
→ User manual
→ Documentation of installation and testing for your insurance company
→ Login and access to TrackMe’s secure online tracking panel
→ The price includes installation, where we come to your home or workplace and set up your tracker. Read more about installation here.

Regarding subscription

The first year of plus subscription comes included with this tracker, and is included in the price.

After that, the Insurance Subscription costs only DKK 759,- per year (ex. VAT) – or 959,- for a Insurance Plus Subscription. Read more about our subscriptions here.