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GPS-tracking for

As a business customer at TrackMe, you can choose from a range of standard solutions or customize your tracking solution to suit your needs – regardless of the size of your company.

Our range includes both permanently installed and moveable / portable trackers, and we have developed the software in the tracking devices ourselves. This means that we can access it and integrate it with most systems if you need data synchronization. It couldn’t be easier to track, for example, your vehicle, with GPS tracking from TrackMe.

Who Are Our Business Customers?

A typical business customer at TrackMe often needs fleet management for a larger or smaller vehicle fleet – this could be a municipal home care service, a taxi company, construction companies, and the list goes on.

Both fleet management and electronic logbook functionalities can be activated in TrackMe’s standard trackers, allowing you to monitor all vehicles at once while enabling each driver or employee to log their travel.

Do you need special tracking features such as alarms, geofencing, or other specific functionalities? See how we have solved it for other customers eller contact us to find out what is possible.