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…costs DKK 599.- ex VAT per year (DKK 1.64 per day)

This subscription gives you full access to TrackMe’s modern tracking panel, which includes:

  • Free registration on TrackMe’s server.
  • Your own secure tracking page with a personal login to TrackMe’s server.
  • SIM card with unlimited data usage in Europe.

You can have multiple GPS devices under the same TrackMe account and see them all in the same tracking panel. This makes TrackMe the perfect choice if you need easy fleet management.

Central to the tracking panel is TrackMe’s interactive map view, which always displays all your trackers and their precise locations. On the map, you can:

  • See where your GPS device is 24 hours a day.
  • See precisely where and when the tracker last reported – both visually with a map-marker and with accurate GPS coordinates as well as the nearest address.
  • Switch between graphic map view, satellite image, or a hybrid view with road names over satellite images.
  • At each position update, you can see if your GPS is in motion or stopped. If the tracker is moving, you can also see how fast and in which direction.
  • View current alarms.
  • Enter any address and zoom to it on the map – for example, to quickly assess which vehicle in your fleet is closest.
  • View history – see the precise route your GPS device has travelled in the last three months or choose a specific time.

The standard subscription comes complete with electronic mileage logs

  • The electronic logbook has already recorded your trips and noted the kilometers driven; you only need to click whether the trip is private or business-related. It can’t get any easier.
  • With TrackMe-on-the-Go, you can easily register your trips directly from your mobile, immediately after completing a trip. No need for a button in your car that you have to remember to press; you get a message right away when the trip is over, ensuring your logbook is always filled out correctly.

More information about the logbook and maintaining your mileage records.

The subscription also includes some of the market’s best alarm options.

  • Speed alarm that can be triggered from 40 – 250 km/h; receive an SMS if one of your employees is driving too fast or monitor driving when lending your car out.
  • Disconnection alarm if the tracker is removed from its power source.
  • Movement alarm triggered when the tracker is moved. Can be set from 50-1000m – perfect for monitoring a caravan parked for the winter, for example.
  • Ignition on and off alarms. Set your tracker to send a message if, for example, the ignition comes on in a car outside normal working hours.
  • POI documentation log; automatically notify the office, your customers, or yourself when your cars are at specific addresses. Customize the wording of the messages sent.
  • Alarm for missing reporting, e.g., if the tracker has run out of battery or has no signal – can be set from 1 to 48 hours.
  • Low battery alarm – before the battery runs completely dry.
  • With POI alarms, you can receive an alert when the tracker moves in or out of specific areas. This is very useful for companies that want to ensure that company cars are not used outside specific areas – or to be notified every time a car returns “home.”
  • All alarms can be sent by email to an unlimited number of addresses.
  • All alarms can be sent by SMS to an unlimited number of mobile numbers. SMS charges are separate.

Special features available with specific models:

TM14, TM16, and TM21 trackers must always be connected to the ignition for them to function correctly.

Information about the car’s ignition status enables the automatic generation of mileage reports / electronic driving log:

  • The mileage log shows every trip the car has driven with the date, time, and addresses of starting and ending points, as well as the distance covered.
  • Each trip can be marked as private or business.
  • Notes can be added for each trip.
  • The mileage log function complies with all tax regulations.

The mileage log is a fantastic time-saving tool for anyone who needs an extremely easy way to create a mileage log, for example:

  • Sales representatives on the road.
  • Anyone who uses a car for both private and business-related trips.
  • Companies with cars driven by many employees, where it can be challenging to keep track of who has been where.

You can read our full terms for the standard subscription here.

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If your insurance company requires a GPS tracker in your car or if you want to protect your car against theft, TrackMe offers Denmark’s cheapest insurance-approved complete solution.