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Keep track of your trips with our

Electronic Driving Log

TrackMe’s electronic mileage log automatically records your driving when you travel from A to B. You never lose track of your trips or miss a tax declaration.

You only need to specify whether the trip is private or business-related – our electronic mileage log takes care of the rest, saving you cumbersome administrative time.

Efficient administration with electronic driving logs

All of our GPS trackers and tracking devices are compatible with both electronic mileage logs and fleet management. Both are effective tools for maintaining an overview, ensuring documentation, and managing internal optimization processes.

Our GPS trackers keep track of the addresses you have visited and the number of kilometers you have driven. All you need to do is specify the purpose of the trip after it is completed. The automatic mileage log system takes care of the rest.

GPS technology ensures that TrackMe’s digital mileage log is precise down to just a few meters. Both timestamps and addresses are recorded much more accurately compared to manual mileage logging.

Our electronic driving log, lets you:
  • Save time manually keeping a driving log and calculating distances.
  • Save time on compiling reports, calculating totals and managing logbooks.
  • Reduce unnecessary driving by having better control over where the company’s vehicles are and have been.
  • Optimize driving over time, saving money on both travel time and fuel consumption.
  • Update your electronic mileage log when you have time – all addresses and distances are already available for you.
  • Blur the fields you do not want to show – for example, if you want to document how long a car has been at a given address but not where the car was before or after.
  • The blurring system also allows you to automatically hide the addresses on all private trips. You can use this when documenting the distribution between private and business travel in your reporting to the tax authorities, but you do not want to disclose where you have privately driven.
  • Add notes to each trip if relevant.
  • Generate printable mileage log reports for any period – from a few minutes to several months.

This is how it works

With TrackMe’s system, you can update your driving log as soon as your trip ends. When you turn off the car’s ignition, you receive a message on your phone asking if the just-finished trip should be marked as private or business.

At TrackMe, our solution does not require you to press a button in the car – which penalizes you with incorrect information if you forget to do it. Our mileage log works through a web app that reminds you to mark your trips.

For the many self-employed individuals and others who use their car for both private and business travel, TrackMe has developed an easy mileage log and a system for marking trips that is both flexible and easy to use.

Whether you mark all your trips after each, once a day or once a month is entirely up to you. Once a trip is marked, the system remembers it, and you get an overview of the distribution for all the reports you generate.

The system can be used in any type of car – including company cars, taxi fleets, commercial vehicles, etc.

Customer documentation

The electronic driving log can also serve as documentation for your customers.

For example, a construction company might want to demonstrate to a customer that a company car was at the customer’s address during a specific period or arrived as agreed.

This way, you avoid doubts (and discussions) about how much time was spent at the customer’s location, as well as making your mileage invoicing transparent.

Companies that invoice travel time along with the time actually worked at the customer’s location have automatic documentation of the time spent travelling in the driving log. TrackMe has a specially tailored driving report for this purpose, ready to print and attach to the invoice for completed work.

Meets SKAT’s Requirements

TrackMe’s approved mileage log is one of the few electronic mileage logs that complies with all of SKAT’s legal requirements for specific details – to be fully approved as a digital mileage log.

With electronic driving records from us, you can be confident that you can meet all the requirements for the mileage log, ensuring no doubts arise in the future.

If you want to keep track of your mileage for SKAT, TrackMe’s electronic mileage log is a reliable choice.

Want to know more?

TrackMe has developed solutions in GPS tracking and monitoring since 2002 – ensuring you always get a reliable and thoroughly tested solution when choosing one of our products.

If you want to learn more about how we can assist you, feel free to contact us via email or phone – we’ll work together to explore your options.

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