Eye beacon tool tracking

DKK100.00 + VAT

DKK 100.00 + VAT / each

Subscription DKK 10,- / mo

Compatible with all trackers that have permanent power supply

Our TrackMe Eye Beacons:

  • Are easily mounted on tools, machinery and other materials using glue, screws or strips.
  • Provides overview of the tools’ last know location through the tracking panel.
  • Can be moved and / or renamed when tools are replaced.
  • Shows in which car the tools was last used.

NOTE: Minimum order is 10 pieces.



Keep track of your tools with our TrackMe Eye/Beacon

TrackMe Eye Beacon is a Bluetooth device that sends its signal to one of our GPS trackers, in this way obtaining its position. For example, if an employee borrows a ladder from the workshop warehouse and takes it in his car, the already installed GPS tracker will register that it has “seen” this Eye Beacon. When the employee arrives at an address where he needs the ladder, the last known position will be displayed in the tracking panel. It can remain at this location for some time before another employee picks up the ladder, and it gets a new position from a GPS tracker.

It is also possible to install it in for instance trailers attached to a car or other machinery that is loaded into vehicles. In these cases, the Eye Beacon will register the last known position where it was dropped / left by the vehicle. This provides you with a perfect overview of your valuable items, in cases where a physical GPS tracker cannot be attached.

The dimensions of TrackMe Eye Beacon are L: 5.6cm, W: 3.8cm, H: 1.3cm, and it weighs 18 grams. It has an IP67-rated dust and waterproof design. There is a built-in battery that lasts for approximately 3 years, and it cannot be replaced. The range is up to 50m.

Note that it at least one pre-installed TrackMe GPS tracker, such as TM12, TM14, TM16, TM21, is required for this solution to be useful.

The package includes:

→ At least 10 pcs TrackMe Eye Beacons
→ Set up and ready to use
→ Login and access to TrackMe’s secure online tracking panel