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Fleet management

Fleet management is a way to keep track of, control, and document the operation of your fleet — whether it consists of a single company car or two hundred taxis. All types of vehicles equipped with one of our GPS trackers can be connected to your fleet overview.

Feature-rich Fleet management

As a TrackMe customer, you automatically have access to many features in our fleet management tool, allowing you to:

  • Always have a complete overview of where your vehicles are, whether they are in motion or stationary, their speed, and much more – in real-time.
  • Automatically receive notifications when (and if) they reach customers as scheduled.
  • Know if they are at the agreed-upon addresses.
  • Gain an overview of which vehicles are in motion or stationary.
  • Quickly determine which vehicle is closest to a given address.
  • See if vehicles are in operation outside agreed working hours.
  • View a complete driving history for each individual vehicle at any time.
  • Document arrival and departure times at customer locations with TrackMe’s electronic driving log.
  • Program each vehicle’s tracker individually according to your preferences and needs.
  • Generate an overview of your fleet’s CO2 emissions.
  • Create summary- as well as highly detailed reports – for example, about your fleets’ visits to specific addresses.
  • Automatically transfer information data to third-party systems via our integrations.

Who uses fleet management?

Fleet management is used by service companies across various industries. Examples include construction companies, car rental agencies, transportation companies, home care services, cash transport, taxi companies, hardware stores, companies with mobile sales representatives, courier services, and many more.

If you want to see examples of how our customers use fleet management, take a look at our case studies.

Save money

A GPS-based fleet management solution can be used to streamline almost any vehicle fleet.

In an analysis conducted by Dansk Byggeri and 3F, GPS tracking is mentioned as a tool that can improve the bottom line by up to 35 percent in a short time. The main reason being that it helps optimize resource utilization and minimizes misuse of company vehicles.

Investing in TrackMe’s fleet management system consists of:

  • A one-time investment in the purchase and installation of GPS trackers for your vehicles.
  • Subsequent maintenance in the form of an annual subscription for the system.

In many cases, the investment in fleet management can pay off within the first year. It is entirely individual and depends on how well the information about the fleet’s resources is utilized.

TrackMe offers Denmark’s cheapest fleet management system as well as the very cheapest subscription for it.

Flexible solutions developed in Denmark

TrackMe has its own specially developed tracking system, written by Danish programmers, and with Danish customers in mind.

This means that:

  • Everything in our tracking and fleet management panel is in proper Danish.
  • The electronic driving log and reports are designed according to Danish standards.
  • We have the ability to further develop the system specifically to meet our customers’ needs – we are experts in tailored solutions and software integrations.

If you need a completely customized solution to meet your specific tracking needs, TrackMe is able to create a specially designed solution in a very short time. The same applies if you have specific needs for driving log reports or integration with existing systems.

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Moveable tracker

FROM 1,396.00

TrackMe TM12: Compatible with electronic driving records and / or fleet management.

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TrackMe TM14: Compatible with electronic driving records and / or fleet management.

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TrackMe TM16: Compatible with electronic driving records and / or fleet management.

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TrackMe TM21: Complete insurance solution at the lowest price in Denmark.

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fleet management

Fleet management provides overview, saves time and money, and makes it easy for you and your employees from day one.

Insurance approved


If your insurance company requires a GPS tracker in your car or if you want to protect your car against theft, TrackMe offers Denmark’s cheapest insurance-approved complete solution.