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Compatible with electronic driving records and / or fleet management.

Our permanently installed GPS-tracker can:

  • Connect to both fleet management and mileage log.
  • Comes with a SIM card covering the entire EU.
  • Be mounted discreetly in all cars and vehicles with their own power supply (12V).
  • Be used for both private and business.
  • Monitor vehicle fleets.
  • Document breaks, speed, and location.
  • Be used for reporting mileage deductions.
  • Be customized to your needs.
  • Be set to alert for specific events.

NOTE! Custom solutions may incur additional costs. Contact us at +45 70 701 710 if you want to know more about customization of your tracker.

Read about all the standard features on our subscriptions page.



Permanently installed tracker with many options

TrackMe TM16 is a fixed GPS tracker that connects to the car’s wiring system. The tracker requires a stable power supply and connection to a 12V battery, with a maximum of 36V. The dimensions of the tracker itself are L: 7 cm, W: 7 cm, H: 2.8 cm, making it easy to find space and discreetly mount it, for example, behind the dashboard. The exact placement of the tracker depends on the specific layout of each car.

If you prefer a non-fixed tracking device (ie. one that can be moved between multiple vehicles), you can read more about our two moveable GPS trackers here: TM12 (battery-mounted) and TM14 (OBD-plug). If you need insurance-approved GPS tracking for your car, you should look at our Insurance approved TM21.

Installation of TM16 requires a specialist, as it connects to the car’s wiring system. At TrackMe, you can choose to buy your TM16 with or without installation – we recommend choosing with installation as your right to complain is invalidated if the tracker is connected incorrectly. You may also choose to have your own mechanic install the tracker.

Possibility of customized solutions

Because TM16 is connected directly to the car’s wiring system, there are other possibilities for creating customized solutions compared to our moveable / portable models.

For example, we have provided solutions to customers who needed to track the routes of street sweepers both with and without a sweeper blade. The tracker’s standard solution usually covers all the needs of private customers, and it is mostly business customers who need the more advanced solutions, for which the TM16 can be programmed.

Note that customized solutions may cost extra. Since we tailor them individually, we cannot provice a price table.

Contact us at +45 70 701 710, and we will discuss how we can help you.

The package includes:

→ TrackMe GPS-TM16 tracking device
→ SIM card with coverage throughout the EU
→ Subscription (8 days included – optionally purchase 1 year immediately)
→ User manual
→ Login and access to TrackMe’s secure online tracking panel

Regarding subscription

Note that only eight days of subscription are included. Therefore, you need to purchase the subscription separately to continue accessing the tracking panel. When you purchase a tracker, you have the option to buy a 1-year subscription in the webshop, or you can extend the subscription in the panel within the eight included days. Read more about our subscriptions.