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Compatible with electronic driving records and / or fleet management.

Our portable GPS tracker can:

  • Be easily and quickly mounted without a mechanic.
  • Comes with a SIM card covering the entire EU.
  • Connect to both fleet management and mileage log.
  • Be installed in any vehicle with an OBD-plug.
  • Be moved between several vehicles.
  • Be used for both private and business.
  • Monitor vehicle fleets.
  • Document breaks, speed, and location.
  • Be used for reporting mileage deductions.
  • Be set to alert for specific events.
  • Be customized to your needs.

NOTE! Custom solutions may incur additional costs. Contact us at +45 70 701 710 if you want to know more about customization of your tracker.



Track your car easily and efficiently with a moveable OBD GPS-tracker

TrackMe TM14 provides the easiest tracking solution because the tracker does not require installation to the car’s wiring system. We have two different portable GPS trackers, ensuring that a tracker can be installed regardless of the car’s age and model. The other moveable variant, TM12, is mounted directly on the vehicle’s battery – read more about it here.

OBD-tracker: This variant is adapted to the car’s diagnostic port, also known as the OBD port. The tracker is powered through the port, and therefore, no further action is required once it is installed. The tracker is small and discreet and normally not noticed once in place.

Some car models may not provide enough space for the GPS tracker directly in the diagnostic port. The TM14 tracker requires five cm of space in front of the port. If your car has less than 5 cm space, it can be solved by purchasing an OBD extension cable.

The OBD tracker also registers if it is removed from the port, making it possible to document attempts to obstruct tracking. If you prefer a non-movable tracking device, you can read more about our fixed model, TrackMe TM16, here.

The package includes:

→ TrackMe GPS-TM14 tracking device
→ SIM card with coverage throughout the EU
→ Subscription (8 days included – optionally purchase 1 year immediately)
→ User manual
→ Login and access to TrackMe’s secure online tracking panel

Regarding subscription

Note that only eight days of subscription are included. Therefore, you need to purchase the subscription separately to continue accessing the tracking panel. When you purchase a tracker, you have the option to buy a 1-year subscription in the webshop, or you can extend the subscription in the panel within the eight included days. Read more about our subscriptions.