Batteries for TM10 GPS Tracker

DKK100.00 + VAT

Price DKK 100.00 + VAT

3 pcs AA-batteries of the highest possible quality

Batteries for TM10 GPS Tracker:

When you use your TrackMe TM10 battery tracker, it will need new AA-batteries at some point.

We recommend only Energizer Ultimate Lithium, which is the only battery type that ensures the optimal life-span between battery-changes. With these batteries the trackers is able to send for several years without needing the batteries replaced.

Note The more often the tracker reports, the shorter the battery life.



Advantages of choosing Ultimate Lithium batteries:

  • The most powerful AA-batteries on the market
  • Shelf-stable up to 10 years
  • Works in extreme temperatures between -40°C and up to 60°C.
  • Antileakage battery.
  • Svanemærket, which means that the battery meets the strictest requirements and tests for environmental awareness, durability, safety, and quality.