Battery Tracker

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TrackMe TM10: Theft protection for valuables

Our battery GPS-TRACKER:

  • Has a battery that lasts up to 4 years
  • Has a SIM card covering the entire EU
  • Is easily and quickly mounted without a mechanic
  • Can be mounted in all types of valuables which you want to track, as well as cars and other vehicles and machinery.
  • Does not require an external power supply.
  • Lets you monitor vehicle and machinery fleets where a few daily position updates are sufficient.
  • Possible to change the 3 (AA) batteries by yourself
  • It is possible to set up a geofence with a notification if the object is moved outside the area.
  • Can be used as a backup tracker for additional security in an insurance solution.


Track your valuables easily and efficiently with our battery GPS tracker

TrackMe TM10 Battery is the perfect solution for tracking items without a fixed power source. It can also be used for additional security for cars, trailers, or machinery, etc.

The dimensions of the tracker are L: 11 cm, W: 9 cm, H: 3 cm, and it is IP67-rated dust and waterproof and highly robust. Therefore, it is easy to find space for this excellent GPS tracker on all imaginable items.

The tracker uses regular AA Lithium batteries, which can be easily replaced. However, there is a significant difference between battery types, so we recommend Energizer Ultimate Lithium to maintain many years of tracking. They can be purchased here: Batteries for TM10 GPS Tracker

The tracker can be set to send at different intervals:

  • With 4 positions per day, it has an expected battery life of at least 4 years – Standard setup
  • With 12 positions per day, it has an expected battery life of at least 2 years

It is also possible to set the tracker to send every 20 minutes when in motion, allowing almost real-time tracking. The battery life depends on how often the tracker is moved.

There is also an option to activate a recovery mode, where positions are reported every 5 minutes for a limited period. This is used, for example, if a tracked item is stolen.


  • The tracker’s signal is reduced when placed under metal.
  • Changing away from the standard interval will reduce battery life.

The package includes:

→ TrackMe GPS-TM10 battery tracking device
→ 3 x Ultimate Lithium AA Batteries installed and ready to use
→ SIM card with coverage throughout the EU
→ Subscription (8 days included – optionally purchase 1 year immediately)
→ User manual
→ Login and access to TrackMe’s secure online tracking panel

Regarding subscription

Note that only eight days of subscription are included. Therefore, you need to purchase the subscription separately to continue accessing the tracking panel. When you purchase a tracker, you have the option to buy a 1-year subscription in the webshop, or you can extend the subscription in the panel within the eight included days. Read more about our subscriptions.