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The installation of our GPS trackers is easy and convenient – because good service is always included at TrackMe.

If you purchase your tracker including installation, we will come to you and install the tracking device – either at your home address or your workplace. We offer this service throughout Denmark, excluding non-bridged islands.

Which GPS trackers require installation?

Our range of GPS trackers and tracking devices includes both portable and permanently installed trackers. We can assist with the installation of both, but it is only the permanently installed trackers that require it.

The two permanently installed models require installation because they need to be directly connected to the vehicle’s wiring. The right to claim under warranty is forfeited if the tracker is not correctly installed, and therefore, we recommend using TrackMe’s installers. They are qualified to install our GPS trackers in all types of vehicles.

If you have a local mechanic you prefer to use, you can also choose to have them install the tracker in your car.

Installation is included in the price of our insurance-approved GPS tracker. The tracking unit itself is the same as the standard model and, therefore, needs to be permanently installed, hooking into the car’s wiring. To comply with insurance rules, you cannot use your own mechanic for insurance trackers.

Regardless of the car’s age and model, installing the tracking unit takes about an hour, but it can vary from car to car.

The portable or moveable models, which are either mounted directly on the battery or simply plugged in to the OBD port, do not require installation by TrackMe – you can easily install them yourself, or get help from your mechanic – we will, of course, be happy to help if you are unsure how to do it correctly.

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Moveable tracker

FROM 1,396.00

TrackMe TM12: Compatible with electronic driving records and / or fleet management.

Moveable tracker

FROM 1,396.00

TrackMe TM14: Compatible with electronic driving records and / or fleet management.

installed tracker

FROM 1,596.00

TrackMe TM16: Compatible with electronic driving records and / or fleet management.

Insurance approved tracker


TrackMe TM21: Complete insurance solution at the lowest price in Denmark.

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fleet management

Fleet management provides overview, saves time and money, and makes it easy for you and your employees from day one.

Insurance approved


If your insurance company requires a GPS tracker in your car or if you want to protect your car against theft, TrackMe offers Denmark’s cheapest insurance-approved complete solution.