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Customer case

Municipal Home Care

A municipal home care service approached TrackMe with a request to accurately and efficiently document the home care visits to citizens and to obtain driving documentation for tax purposes.

The Case:

The need for tracking did not arise from mistrust of the staff but rather to ease a range of administrative burdens. In many cases, it was unnecessarily laborious to document the movements of home care workers.

By installing a GPS tracker in the home care workers’ cars, it became possible to precisely document when they arrived, how long they stayed with the citizen, and track their journeys. In addition to GPS trackers in all home care vehicles, fleet management and an electronic driving log were also implemented.

The tracking solution addressed specific challenges for the municipality. Inquiries from relatives who doubt or want to see documentation for home care visits are now a much simpler process.

All trips are logged and accessible through our online overview, and with TrackMe’s fleet management, you can see the current location of all associated vehicles.

Furthermore, the driving log has simplified reporting to the tax authorities (SKAT). They can now document that the company’s vehicles are not used for private purposes.

How we solved the challenge

The solution for the municipality was to install TrackMe trackers in all home care vehicles, along with a standard fleet management and electronic driving log solution. This provided the municipal home care service with a complete overview of all vehicles’ precise locations 24/7, as well as a summary of all trips taken, breaks, and the duration of the caregivers’ visits.

Advantages of this solution:

  • By knowing the current location of all vehicles, trips and visits can be better coordinated. It also enables finding and contacting the nearest colleague in case a caregiver needs urgent assistance.
  • You (or the accounting department) save time on compiling mileage reports and managing driving logs.
  • There is less wasted driving because there is much better control over where the company’s vehicles are and have been.
  • Possibility to optimize driving in the long run – thus saving money on both driving time and fuel consumption.
  • You can update your GPS log when you have time – all addresses and distances are already available for you.

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