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Customer case

Tailored solution

A company with a fleet of traveling salespeople contacted TrackMe to get a clear and simple system for separating and keeping track of personal and business travel. The salespeople use their own cars for the company’s business and need to receive reimbursement for the kilometers driven on behalf of the company.

The Case:

The Danish Customs and Tax Authority (Told & Skat) has strict requirements for companies regarding documentation for the reimbursement of travel expenses. There are various requirements for both the salespeople and the company. Thorough logging of all trips is required. Additionally, the company wants to avoid spending time each month reminding salespeople to fill out travel reimbursement forms for the accounting department.

To best match the customer and salespeople, the company also desires an overview of customer visits, the time spent with each customer, and the sales made.

Given the various types of information to be gathered, the company also needed to ensure compliance with data protection laws.

How we solved the challenge

All traveling salespeople had a GPS tracker installed in their cars with full access to TrackMe’s electronic mileage log. All trips are registered, and each salesperson can indicate whether it was for private or work-related purposes.

To comply with data protection laws, the company only has access to those trips marked as work-related by the salespeople. Therefore, they cannot see where the salespeople drive outside of work.

With a tailored tracking solution, the company has fulfilled its needs for oversight and streamlining workflows. With TrackMe’s GPS solutions, they have saved a lot of administrative time, and the documentation for travel reimbursement is now transparent and compliant with the requirements of the Danish Customs and Tax Authority.

Advantages of this solution

  • All salespeople are connected to the electronic mileage log. All their trips are automatically registered. Salespeople just need to mark for each trip whether it is private or business travel. They can choose to do this after each trip or at the end of the day. This can be done on a mobile, tablet, or computer. It couldn’t be easier.
  • Every month, all trips marked as business by the salespeople are automatically transferred to the company’s accounting department. All data is exported in a format that can be integrated with the company’s systems.
  • The automatic data transfer also ensures that the accounting department does not have to spend unnecessary time chasing salespeople for their mileage reimbursement.
  • The company now has access to all their salespeople’s customer visits and can use that information to develop strategies and optimize their sales through effective planning.
  • The system paid for itself in just four months, indicating that getting overview and optimizing can truly be cost-effective.
  • The company has a system where they can continuously add new sales representatives.
  • If the company were to undergo a tax inspection from Customs and Tax, they have all the documentation in place, and it would not require much time to retrieve the necessary data.

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