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GPS Tracker for car

Are you looking for a GPS tracker for your car? At TrackMe, you’ll find Denmark’s best price on insurance-approved GPS tracking and monitoring.

Browse the selection in our online store, or call +45 70 701 710 for a quote that meets your or your insurance company’s requirements.

GPS tracker for cars – tailored to your needs

Do you need fleet management or vehicle monitoring?

When you choose a GPS tracker or tracking device from TrackMe, you’ll have all your needs covered – whether it’s GPS tracking or satellite-based GPS monitoring you require. If your insurance company mandates the installation of a tracking device in your car, we deliver and install our specially developed GPS tracker – approved by insurance and including all required documentation.

We tailor solutions for both individuals and businesses,as well as public entities, all with a need for efficient solutions in advanced online GPS tracking. We develop our system in-house, ensuring it is always 100% customized to your needs and, most importantly, to the ever-dynamic market of GPS tracking for cars. At TrackMe, we stay constantly informed.

As our customer, you are always guaranteed a contemporary solution that precisely matches your requirements. If you need professional advice, we are ready to assist you. With nearly 20 years of experience in the industry, we can address all conceivable needs – including yours.

Save money with GPS tracking for company vehicles

If you own a business, a GPS solution can save you resources and prevent misuse of your vehicles by providing real-time location information. This ensures the following benefits:

  • Reduced mileage and less wear and tear
  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Time savings

In other words, installing GPS trackers in your company vehicles can help you cut costs. Additionally, by using TrackMe’s electronic logbook, you can enjoy further advantages, including:

  • Automatically calculated distances traveled
  • Overview of trips
  • Easy marking of whether your journeys are private or business-related
  • Automatic registration of driving activity

In summary, there are economic, practical, and logistical advantages to implementing GPS for the vehicles in your business.

Rules for GPS Monitoring of Company Vehicles

GPS tracking for cars can be particularly advantageous for companies in the transportation and construction industries, where vehicle fleets are typically large, and oversight can be challenging. In these cases, GPS tracking can be used, for example, for fleet management of company vehicles.

However, according to the data protection laws, there are specific rules and regulations for GPS monitoring of company vehicles, designed to ensure that the information of your employees is not misused.

  • As an employer, you must be aware of and comply with the rules for processing information.
  • You should be able to communicate information about the rules to your employees if they request it.
  • There must be a clear purpose for the tracking, such as gaining an overview of trips or minimizing fuel costs.
  • The processing of information must be related to the purpose of GPS tracking.
  • The information must be accurate.
  • You should delete or anonymize personal information that is no longer relevant.
  • You must protect the information from unauthorized or unlawful processing.

If you want to learn more about GPS monitoring of company vehicles and the associated rules, you can contact TrackMe at +45 70 701 710. We have been involved in GPS tracking since 2002, and over our many years in the industry, we have developed solutions for tracking, monitoring, fleet management, and mileage accounting for numerous private and business customers.

We have supplied solutions to everything from construction companies and security firms to municipalities and taxi- and other transportation companies.

Check out a selection of our references here. Do you want to be our next satisfied customer? Call us at +45 70 701 710, and let us tailor a solution that precisely matches your needs.


GPS tracking is beneficial for both individuals and businesses. As a private car owner in need of an insurance-approved GPS tracker, choosing TrackMe ensures the following benefits:

  • Installation by an authorized installer
  • Connection to the approved alarm centers of the National Police with 24-hour monitoring
  • Subscription setup for both domestic and international coverage
  • Access with a secure login to TrackMe’s server for complete overview

GPS tracking can be particularly advantageous if your vehicle is stolen. In such a case, you can always track and locate your vehicle via the GPS tracking device. If your insurance company requires satellite monitoring for coverage, you can confidently choose one of our solutions. TrackMe’s solutions are approved by all insurance companies in Denmark.

Continue reading about our insurance subscription here.

Delivery and Installation of GPS Tracker for Your Car

When you order your GPS tracker from TrackMe, you’ll be offered Denmark’s most affordable subscription – along with delivery and installation wherever you prefer. We specialize in installing GPS trackers and insurance-approved GPS monitoring for everything from regular private cars and company vehicles to electric cars and motorcycles. This means we can certainly install a solution that suits your specific needs.

If you desire the installation of a GPS tracker for your car, feel free to contact TrackMe. We deliver and install GPS monitoring for cars throughout Denmark, but only on mainland islands. This gives you the opportunity for professional installation of a GPS tracker for your car – no matter where in the country you want it.

Denmark’s best price on GPS for your car – contact us for a quote

Check out the selection of products and accessories here on the website if you are looking for GPS for your car or other equipment for GPS tracking. We have Denmark’s best price on GPS trackers for cars.

If you want a non-binding quote for a GPS tracker, insurance-approved GPS tracking, or fleet management, contact TrackMe at +45 70 701 710 between 08:30 and 16:00 or by emailing at any time of the day. We are ready to advise you and meet your GPS tracking needs.

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If your insurance company requires a GPS tracker in your car or if you want to protect your car against theft, TrackMe offers Denmark’s cheapest insurance-approved complete solution.