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Customer case

Contractor company

Companies with many construction machines often face the challenge of keeping a complete overview of the entire fleet. In this context, TrackMe has been involved in creating a solution for a contractor to optimize the utilization of its machines.

The Case:

Having construction machines standing idle, is expensive. Therefore, TrackMe’s GPS trackers have been installed to streamline their use. And to protect against theft, as they often attract attention from potential thieves.

The company’s premises are large. Therefore, the staff frequently spend a considerable amount of time walking around to check which machines were on-site so they could find an available machine for the next task. GPS trackers are a good solution in this case, as they provide constant information about the location of the machines – both the rented out ones and the position of the ones within the company premises.

Additionally, the contractor had a desire to document the usage time of individual machines. When solving tasks for entities like municipalities, there is often a need to document the time spent on a specific task. This is because the municipality may require evidence that the billed time corresponds to the performed work.

How we solved the challenge

All vehicles in the machinery fleet were equipped with a GPS tracker and connected to TrackMe’s standard fleet management solution. This enabled the personnel of the construction company to track and locate all machines 24 hours a day. This has resulted in a significantly better overview of idle machines, fewer booking errors, less downtime, accurate invoicing, and control over time usage.

Furthermore, the machines are connected to an alarm system that notifies the service partner directly when it is time for a new service inspection. This also contributes to freeing up administrative time for the staff.

Advantages of this solution:

  • Complete Overview: It is possible to see the current location of all machines around the clock, where they are parked, and order transport in a single workflow. No one in the office needs to spend time going out in the rain to see which machines are on-site. This saves a significant amount of time for the company.
  • With the electronic logbook, the company always has precise documentation of the time spent on a given task. All information can be printed directly from the logbook or documentation log.
  • The hour counter report provides the company with a quick overview of how much the different machines are used, and whether one or more machines can be eliminated from the fleet.
  • The hour counter alarm function, means alarms are set up directly to the company’s service partner, who is notified when each machine needs service/maintenance (thus maintaining the warranty).
  • No wrong arrangements with special transport and other unnecessary expenses due to booking errors.
  • If one or more machines are stationary on a construction site for an extended period, alarms are set up to notify the company if the machine is moved from the construction site.
  • If the machines are started outside normal working hours, the company also receives direct notification, allowing them to immediately check if there is a theft in progress.

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