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Why and when do insurance companies

require GPS trackers

Insurance companies may require the installation of GPS trackers for several reasons, primarily to reduce the risk of loss and increase security for both the insurer and the customer. Some of the reasons are the following:

Theft protection: Expensive cars are often a target for theft due to their high value. Installing a GPS tracker allows the insurance company to track the car in the event of theft, which can reduce the risk of loss and potentially result in lower insurance premiums for the customer.

Insurance terms: Some insurance companies may require the installation of GPS trackers as a condition of insuring expensive cars.

Requirements for the GPS tracker itself:

  • The GPS tracker must be permanently mounted
  • Installation of the unit must be carried out by an authorized installer
  • Documented with an installation declaration
  • The device must have backup power for at least 12 hours
  • The unit must be connected to a 24/7 emergency call centre

The timing of when insurers require GPS trackers may vary depending on the company’s policies and insurance contracts. This may be during the taking out of a new insurance, renewing an existing agreement or in response to changes in the risk profile of the customer or vehicle.

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