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fleet management

Fleet management is when companies manage and monitor their fleet of vehicles, such as trucks, vans, machines, or trailers. The purpose of fleet management is to optimize the efficiency, safety and costs associated with operating a fleet of vehicles. Here are some of the fundamentals of fleet management and how it can be used:

Vehicle location and tracking system: Fleet management software uses GPS technology to track and locate the vehicles in real time. This allows companies to know exactly where their vehicles are located at any given moment. It also helps improve safety and efficiency by optimizing routes and scheduling tasks.

ECO driving: Analyzing data on vehicle driving patterns and traffic conditions can help optimise routes and minimise driving time and fuel consumption.

Fuel optimization: Monitoring fuel consumption and driving behaviour can help companies identify areas where fuel consumption can be reduced, such as unnecessary detours or inefficient driving behaviour.

Maintenance planning: Scheduling regular service based on vehicle mileage or operating hours can help prevent unexpected breakdowns and extend vehicle life.

Documented time consumption: With a GPS tracker you can easily document how long it has taken to perform specific tasks. You can use the data in connection with billing to customers or in other cases where the hourly consumption must be documented.

Overall, fleet management is used to give companies better control over their vehicles, improve efficiency and reduce costs by optimizing driving behavior, scheduling maintenance, and ensuring regulatory compliance.

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