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5 good reasons to have a

GPS tracker in the company car

A GPS tracker can help to improve the safety of the employee, and to optimize customer service in your company.  Installing a GPS tracker will therefore in many cases be an advantage for both the company and the individual employee. Here are 5 reasons why it is an advantage to have a GPS tracker mounted in the company car:

  1. Enhanced security: The GPS tracker can help ensure the safety of employees by allowing for quick location in case of emergencies or accidents. This can be especially important if the employee drives alone or works in hazardous areas.

  1. Efficiency and productivity: By using the GPS tracker, routes can be optimized and driving can be planned more efficiently, saving time and resources. This can result in less wasted time on the road and increased productivity for employees.

  1. Customer service: By being able to provide customers with accurate updates on estimated arrival times or time-recorded documentation when invoicing, customer service can be improved and greater customer satisfaction can be created.

  1. Protection of the company car: The GPS tracker can also act as a security measure against theft or unauthorized use of company cars. This can reduce the cost of lost or stolen vehicles.

  1. Green transition: By optimizing routes and avoiding unnecessary journeys, fuel consumption and maintenance costs for company cars can be reduced, contributing to the green transition.

It is important to emphasize that the purpose of GPS tracking is to improve work processes and safety and not to monitor or control employees. Clarifying these benefits and ensuring open communication will give employees a better understanding of why mounting GPS trackers is a good idea.

As an employer, it is important that you comply with personal data legislation and make sure to obtain consent from your employees before installing the GPS tracker, so there is full transparency about the process.